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Where Does My Water Go?  A Neighborhood Exploration Activity

In this activity, we will explore what happens to the water after it rains and where it goes if it does not soak into the ground (the ground acts as a sponge and a filter).   Water that does not go into the ground and leaves an area is known as urban runoff or stormwater.

What we will explore and questions to answer include:

  • What do I have around my neighborhood that might create (generate) stormwater?
  • If stormwater is just rain or snow, is it bad?
  • Does stormwater go to the treatment plant?
  • What is my storm drain connected to?
  • Is something being done to manage stormwater?
  • Am I Stream Smart?

Click on the picture below for a slideshow discussing the activity.

Storm Drain Networks (A local example).


  • Stormwater Maze
  • Goathead Trail

Stream Smart Activity

Only Rain Down the Storm Drain! Don’t wash or dump anything in the drain.
Recycle or properly dispose of materials.
Protect bare soil from rain and running off into the storm drain system.
Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides.
Plant a tree to protect local streams and rivers.
Volunteer! Stencil or mark unmarked storm drains in your neighborhood.
Pick up after your pets.
Fix leaks from your car.
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