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Food & Friends: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I find out if I’m eligible for Meals on Wheels?

A. The criteria to receive meals are as follows: Clients should be at least 60 years of age (or the spouse or eligible disabled dependent child of a person who resides with an eligible senior) and homebound by reason of injury, illness, disability or be otherwise isolated; Unable to prepare meals or do not have an adequate support system in place for meal preparation; Unable to visit a congregate meal site for lunch; At risk of malnutrition due to health issues
Q. What if I don’t need the meals for very long?
A. Many recipients of Food & Friends meals only have need of short term support (i.e. recuperation after a hospital stay). If you require meals for a short period of time (two weeks or more) we are happy to help.
Q. How much do the meals cost?
A. The suggested donation is currently $2.75 per meal. However, eligible participants are asked to give only what they can comfortably afford and will not be refused service based on inability to donate. Food & Friends is not a means-tested program (eligibility for service is not based on income).
Q. How do I make a donation for the meals I receive?
A. You will receive a blue Donation Letter outlining the number of meals you received and the suggested donation for those meals by the middle of the following month.  For example, if you started service in July, your first letter will come around the 15th of August.  There is a pre-stamped return envelope included for your convenience.
Q. Are there other ways to donate?
A. There are several ways to donate to Food & Friends. For more details on making charitable contributions, visit our “Donate” page.
Q. How long after calling can I expect service to start?
A. In many cases service begins 2 business days after your home visit with our Outreach Coordinator.
Q. What time can I expect my meal to be delivered?
A. This will depend on where you live and what order you are placed on the delivery route.  Typically meals are delivered any time between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon but this can vary depending on your location. You will be given a more accurate time frame when you call to start service.  Generally your lunch will come at approximately the same time each day.
Q. What if I’m not going to be home one day or need to cancel for a while?
A. We ask that you call our office by 11:00 am AT LEAST one day before the meal you need to cancel is scheduled to be delivered.  If you are going to be off service for a short time, restarting is as simple as calling the office to let us know you wish to resume service.
Q. How many people are employed by Food & Friends?
A. Food & Friends staff is made up of 8 full-time staff and 12 part-time to very-part-time staff.  It should be noted that nearly 400 volunteers each month make our service possible.
Q. What do the meals consist of?
A. Food & Friends contracts with nationally recognized TRIO Community Meals who specializes in Senior Nutrition.  All meals meet 1/3 of the RDA required for a person 60 years and up.
Q. What if I’m diabetic or have other health/diet concerns?
A. Food & Friends offers substitute meals for diabetic, diabetic low salt and low salt needs.  If you have a very restricted diet, please request our menu nutrition information sheets prior to starting service and consult with your physician to be sure the meals are appropriate for you.
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