Administrative Services / Member Services

Ann Marie Alfrey Executive Director 541-423-1334 click to email
Jodi Wilson HR Manager and Assistant to Executive Director 541-423-1335 click to email
Brian Benton Technical Services Specialist (IT) 541-423-1385 click to email
Vicki Robinson Senior Accountant 541-423-1391 click to email
Kellie Owens Accountant 541-423-1376 click to email
Pat Bale Accounting Technician 541-423-1377 click to email
Position Under Recruitment Human Resources and Payroll Specialist 541-423-1368 click to email
Chelsey Kirby Office Specialist II 541-423-1332 click to email
Donovan Edwards Office Specialist II 541-423-1333 click to email

Planning – Transportation Planning

Karl Welzenbach Planning Program Director 541-423-1360 click to email
Ryan MacLaren Senior Transportation Planner 541-423-1338 click to email
Kelsey Sharp Office Specialist II 541-423-1375 click to email

Planning – Land Use Planning / Community Development

Ryan Nolan Principal Planner 541-423-1382 click to email
Peter Town Grants & Contracts Administrator 541-423-1374 click to email

Natural Resources

Greg Stabach Natural Resources Manager 541-423-1370 click to email
Craig Tuss Natural Resources Project Manager 541-423-1366 click to email
Amie Siedlecki  Natural Resources Technician 541-423-1371 click to email

Technology Services

Nikki Hart-Brinkley Technology Services Coordinator 541-423-1378 click to email

Senior & Disability Services

Connie Wilkerson SDS Program Director 541-423-1384 click to email
Cassie Rose SDS Program and Advocacy Coordinator 541-423-1373 click to email
Susan Jay Rounds PEARLs Specialist 541-423-1363 click to email
Ellen Denninger Behavioral Health Specialist  541-423-1392 click to email
Katie Merola Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) Lead 541-423-1365 click to email
Patty Martin SDS Service Coordinator 541-471-3842 click to email
Monique Clark SDS Service Coordinator 541-423-1361 click to email
Teleska Kasper SDS Service Coordinator  541-423-1367 click to email
Position Under Recruitment SDS Service Coordinator 541-423-1379 click to email
Maria Wahl Office Specialist II 541-423-1372 click to email
Connie Saldana SDS Lifelong Housing Project Specialist (on-call) 541-423-1383 click to email

Food & Friends Senior Meals Program

Kristi Welburn Nutrition Program Administrative Manager 541-734-9505 ext 3 click to email
Jon Pfefferle Nutrition Program Operations Manager 541-734-9505 ext 4 click to email
Jennifer Lee Jackson County Office Specialist III / Home Delivery Coordinator 541-734-9505 ext 1 click to email
Sonya Chamberlain Jackson County Outreach Coordinator 541-423-1387 click to email
Kailee Dellsite Josephine County Office Specialist III / Home Delivery Coordinator 541-955-8839 click to email
Ken Bern Josephine County Outreach Coordinator 541-471-3851 click to email
Tanya Brooks Office Specialist III 541-734-9505 ext 2 click to email
Jo Montero Office Assistant 541-734-9505 ext 0 click to email