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Food & Friends: Resources

Meals on Wheels America
This is a national association made up of thousands of Meals on Wheels programs across the country, including Food & Friends. Moving to a new area? Have a loved one in another city that needs meals? Meals on Wheels America has a great tool you can use to search for local programs by zip code.* Visit their page and click on “Find Meals” to get started.

*Hint: if you don’t know the zip code for a city, you can visit United States Postal Service website and use their “Look Up a ZIP Code” tool.

Health, Nutrition, and Safety

Below are links to documents or websites containing helpful information for older adults including safety, healthy living, as well as nutrition tips or other articles of interest.

Nutrition for Life: Healthy Aging
Nutrition for Seniors
Nutrition for Older Men
Healthy Eating for Older Adults

USDA Fact Sheets for At-Risk Populations
Food Safety for Older Adults
Food Safety for Diabetics

Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Services: Food Hero
Chicken Basics

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Older Adults and Food Safety

National Council on Aging (NCOA)
Resources/Infographics & Handouts for Fall Prevention
Falls Prevention Resources for Older Adults and Caregivers
Senior Hunger & Nutrition

En Español:
Las Personas Mayores Necesitan ser Juiciosas en Materia de Inocuidad Alimentaria
La Inocuidad Alimentaria Para las Personas de Edad Avanzada
Manejo Adecuado de Los Alimentos
Heroe de Alimentos: Fundamentos de Pollo
Tome el Control de su Salud: 6 Pasos para Prevenir una Caída

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