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TMDL Implementation Overview


TMDL Responsibility РJacksonville 


In order to meet water quality standards set under the Clean Water Act, the City of Jacksonville implements a number of actions individually and also regionally with the other communities in the Bear Creek watershed,

Activities that help achieve water quality standards include outreach and education, restoring riparian areas along Jackson and Daisy Creek including by the dam and reservoir in Forest Park, monitoring water quality, preventing illicit discharge from entering storm drains and creeks, managing invasive species, and street sweeping.

Responsibilities to meet water quality standards are divided among an number of different sectors (see diagram below).


2022-2023 Materials – Due November 1st, 2023

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Matrix Text and Attachments

Implementation Tracking and Reporting

Map Links

Hot Spot Map

LID/BMP Inventory Map

Riparian Planting Map (Bear Creek Watershed)

Educational Links

Geocache at Forest Park – Find the geocache at Forest Park to learn more about the history of the Dam, recreational opportunities, and restoration activities.

Activity Photos


Previous Years Reports


Matrix Short Form

Complete Report with all supplemental information (tabs)

2019-2020 Full Report with tabs


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