RVCOG Core Values



We will provide an essential service in southern Oregon by responding promptly, efficiently, and effectively to the needs of the individuals, jurisdictions, and public agencies we serve.   At all times, we will balance our central role as support staff and direct service providers with the need to practice bold and proactive leadership.



We will dedicate ourselves to building and maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie, cooperation, and collaboration, both inside and outside RVCOG.   We will be guided by the knowledge that our success depends not only on the technical quality of our work, but also on our ability to maintain positive working relationships under all circumstances.



We will consistently provide the highest quality of work possible, while also exercising strict neutrality in all that we do.   As ambassadors of our organization, we will always be aware of the impact of our individual actions on RVCOG as a whole.



We will take full responsibility for our actions and decisions in making RVCOG and its programs as cost effective, efficient, and sustainable as possible.



We will exhibit the highest level of integrity in all that we do.   Our actions will be honest, ethical, unbiased, and fair.



We will respect our clients, partners, members of the public, fellow employees, volunteers, and ourselves by treating everyone with dignity, understanding, and compassion.