What is the Rogue Valley Public Service Academy (RVPSA)?

The Rogue Valley Public Service Academy is a cooperative effort among the jurisdictions of Jackson and Josephine Counties committed to providing local, high-quality, affordable training to public servants and other community leaders in our region.

The Academy is governed by a committee with representatives from many jurisdictions within Jackson and Josephine Counties.   The committee spearheads the operations and development of the Academy with RVCOG providing the organizational umbrella.

Why a Public Service Academy?

Local governments and non-profits face significant dilemmas when it comes to training.   Training is key to overall effectiveness, but training budgets are often sacrificed to prevent cuts in other areas deemed more critical.   Organizations often have lean staffs and cannot cover the workload of staff traveling to distant training sites, and travel time and expenses can often exceed the registration cost of the training itself.   By bringing affordable, high-quality training to our region, the Academy provides more affordable opportunities for skills enhancement.

What training opportunities does the Academy offer?

The Academy uses different formats and partnerships to bring training opportunities to our region.   Seminars, satellite downlinks, co-sponsorships with jurisdictions and other organizations are just some of the options.   The curriculum is selected by the committee, includes a wide variety of subjects, and is based on current jurisdictional needs.

Current Course Offerings
The Best of Customer Service in the Public Sector Tuesday, October 10, 2017 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $115/per person

For more information or to suggest a training topic, contact Ann Marie Alfrey, RVCOG Human Resources Manager.