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The Rogue Valley Council of Government’s Lifelong Housing Certification Project is a voluntary certification process for evaluating the accessibility and/or adaptability of homes. Developed in partnership with AARP Oregon, the project is designed to help meet the growing market demand for accessible housing in our region and to enable older adults and people with disabilities to age in place safely and independently.

The certification is appropriate for all homes—rentals, new construction or existing homes. It is based on a checklist developed using established universal design standards and with input from consumers, home builders, rental owners and home inspectors.

How does it work?
All Lifelong Housing certification is done by a licensed inspector. Based on the assessment, the home is certified at one of three levels and your home and added to the RVCOG Lifelong Certified Housing database. The database is available to Realtors® and potential home-buyers and renters. The certification may be indicated on the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service (SOMLS), which will serve as an alert to potential buyers to obtain additional information regarding the level of certification.
Level 1: Visitable
The home includes basic accessibility and/or adaptability of architectural features on the ground floor and is “visitable” for guests with disabilities. It has a wheelchair-accessible entrance, plus entertainment area, hall and a bathroom. Other examples of basic features include door handles and faucets that are lever-style and don’t require grasping.
Level 2: Fully Accessible
The ground floor of the home is fully accessible, including all Level 1 features plus an accessible bedroom and kitchen, parking area and entrance. Examples of additional features include raised toilet and appliances; grab bars in bathroom, etc.
Level 3: Enhanced Accessibility  
The home includes Levels 1 & 2 features and has been customized for specific accessibility needs (for example, a ceiling track for transfer or electronic care monitoring). Specific features will be noted on the certificate and available from the seller or listing agent.
How to have your home certified 
  1. The homeowner contacts Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG) for a list of independent Lifelong Housing Certification Inspectors.
  2. The homeowner pays the inspector for evaluation, plus $35 certification fee.
  3. After the evaluation, the inspector provides the completed checklist and certification fee to RVCOG.
  4. RVCOG issues a certificate to the homeowner and adds the home to its database.
  5. The homeowner provides a copy of the certificate and checklist to potential buyers. 

Click here for the Lifelong Housing Certification Brochure
Click here for the Accessibilty Features Checklist
Call 541-423-1383 for a list of Lifelong Housing Certification Inspectors

The Lifelong Housing Certification Project was developed for Jackson and Josephine Counties, Oregon, as a project of Rogue Valley Council of Governments Senior and Disability Services and AARP Oregon. To learn more, call 541-423-1383. 

Goals of Project:

Value to Homeowner:

Value to Realtor:

Click Here for "Creating Your Own Lifelong Housing
Certification Project:  Tips for Communities"

For more information, including a copy of the Lifelong Housing Certification Standards Checklist and a list of certified Inspectors, call RVCOG at 541-423-1383 or e-mail
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Developed in Partnership with AARP Oregon