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 Gold Ray Road Solutions Team 


Project Description

The purpose of the Gold Ray Road Solutions Team was to identify, examine and understand the challenges facing construction of the Gold Ray Road Section of the Rogue River Recreation Corridor & Greenway. Constraints to the potential trail route in this study area include: tightly constricted roadbed, steep hillside, railroad, floodplain, etc. The Gold Ray Road Solutions Team members identified potential solutions to the constraints in the Gold Ray Road area, and helped choose the most feasible options. The final option(s) were presented to the Jackson County Commissioners in a report issued in 2009.

To view the Gold Ray Road Solution Team's final report, please click here.

Southern Oregon has been working for over 30 years to connect its communities with a Greenway corridor. The completion of the Bear Creek Greenway (Ashland to Central Point) marked a major milestone. The Rogue River Greenway will connect with the Bear Creek Greenway in Central Point and then will follow the Rogue River to Gold Hill. This project concentrates on the section near the Gold Rey Dam. When completed the trail will extend over 50 miles and connect two counties and eight cities.
The next phase of this Solutions Project focuses on the Upper River Road Section of the study area. Click here to find out more about the Upper River Road Solutions Team.
Gold Ray Road Solutions Team
 Member Name  Alternate Group / Organization
 Eric Ronemus  Anne Uzzell  Gold Ray Road Resident
 Dale Marshall  Dick & Rozanna Mulhollen

 Upper River Road Resident
Upstream Portion

 Mike Farmer  Gary Frost Upper River Road Resident
Middle Portion
 Mike Newmann    Upper River Road Resident
Downstream Portion
 Carmelita Hussey  Mike Lutz  Bear Creek Greenway Equestrian Association
 Tom Collett Robert Davidson   Rogue Flyfishers, Middle Rogue Steelheaders, and Coast Conservation Group
 Steve Kiesling    Native American Community and Gold Hill Parks & Trail Group
 Mike Smith  Glen Gann  Siskiyou Velo
 Greg Applen    Business Tree Farm on Upper River Road
 Andre Briggs  Kathy Schutt  Oregon State Parks
 Mike Kuntz  John Vial  Jackson County
 Paul Korbulic  Gail Frank  Rogue River Greenway
Questions?  Please contact:

Pat Foley, Community Development Specialist, 541-423-1372

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