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What is ClimateWise®?

In 2008, RVCOG worked with the Geos Institute, (formerly the National Center for Conservation Science and Policy) and the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) to host what was called a Climate Futures Forum. In this process, also referred to as Phase I, the Geos Institute developed local climate change projections for the Rogue Basin and worked with CLI and RVCOG to coordinate and run several workshops to help local leaders develop recommendations to address risks from climate change. The process engaged participants from multiple sectors (economic, social/emergency services, infrastructure, and natural systems) to help identify actions that would help more than one sector.

The Geos Institute noticed during the Rogue Basin Climate Futures Forum process and in several similar ClimateWise processes in other areas that by the end of the workshops, participants were not only motivated to address climate change risks, but were also interested in reducing carbon emissions in order to lessen those risks. It is in response to that interest that the Geos Institute developed ClimateWise Phase II.
ClimateWise Phase II addresses the need to reduce emissions in ways that will help (or at least not harm) efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate disruption. In this process, the Geos Institute has been working with RVCOG to establish baseline information on carbon emissions from Jackson and Josephine counties and then coordinate and facilitate workshops with local leaders and experts to develop recommendations that benefit multiple sectors.
Joshua Skov, Principal and Co-founder of Good Company, presented the Southern Oregon Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory to RVCOG's Board of Director's on March 23, 2011. Please click here to view that presentation.
A renewable energy assessment is a key part of this process and is the first step toward developing local renewable energy sources as a means for not only reducing emissions, but also increasing family wage jobs in our region. A Renewable Energy Assessment RFP was issued on March 25, 2011.
The deadline for responding to the Renewable Energy Assessment RFP has been extended to Monday, May 2, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. An electronic submission or five (5) hard copies should be submitted. Any questions regarding the RFP should be directed to Dan Moore at or 541-423-1361.
To view the RFP, please click here.
Answers to Questions from Proposers -- Posted April 14, 2011

1.      Can you more clearly define the applications the assessment is to include. For example is it to include residential, commercial/industrial and municipal applications of renewable energy? (Including residential applications would greatly influence the scope of work.)

This is covered on Page 4, under Task 1, Section E of the RFP, where it says that the contractor shall, “prepare an overall score for each of the renewable energy technologies based on technical and market potential…”  The market potential should  identify which technologies would be appropriate for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal operations. 

2.      I don’t see any inclusion of biofuels in the analysis. Is this not to be taken into consideration?

Biofuel is considered to be a source of renewable energy. The study is not limited to the renewable energy technologies listed on Page 3, under Task 1, Section C.

3.      It appears that technologies that ultimately produce electricity are only being considered, is this true, or are other renewable energy uses to be considered?

The focus of the study is to identify renewable energy technologies that can generate electricity. 


ClimateWise® is a registered trademark of the Geos Institute.
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