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RFQ Release Date: August 18, 2015

Proposal Due Date: September 8, 2015


RFQ Questions and Answers

Q:  How did you hear about our firm/find out about our website?

A:  We requested information from the City of Klamath Falls including a list of consultants they provided information to and their name was on the consultant list provided. In addition, emails were also sent to firms listed on the 2014 Brownfields Conference Website. Other advertising included the Daily Journal of Commerce and the Medford Mail Tribune (local paper).

Q:  If we had heard of the Dimmick Hospital Project?

A:  Yes. We had heard of the project and did some preliminary work on trying to develop a brownfield project on it 3-5 years ago.

Q:  Is there an incumbent or someone engaged for the project?

A:  No.

Q:  What is our thought as to what would make the project successful?

A:  Obtaining the funding, establishing a local brownfields program, completing the inventory and the assessments (Phase I and Phase II) and following up with redevelopment/reuse projects.

Q:  What are the expectations of the potential public input/public process including the level of public input anticipated?

A: This question is preliminary since funding has yet to be secured. We (RVCOG), and the potential coalition members will assist in the public outreach process. We don’t anticipate any special needs (e.g., as the need to present in multiple languages).

Q:  Is there flexibility in changing the project scope once funding is received if there are obstacles or changes that are encountered?

A: This question is also preliminary. RVCOG and the coalition members have a good working relationship so it is not anticipated that there would be any major difficulties in changing scopes within reason (e.g., within grant requirements, etc.)

Q:  Are we planning interviews.

A:  No. We do not have interviews planned, but reserve the right to hold interviews to select the consultant if needed.

Q:  Can you please clarify whether the requested Rate Schedule is included or excluded within the 10 page limit?

A: The requested rate schedule is included within the 10 page limit.

Q:   Is a cover letter desired? If yes, would a one (1) page cover letter (1 page) be considered part of the ten (10) page maximum?

A:  A specific cover letter is not required. A cover letter would be considered part of the 10 page maximum.

Q:  Do you want a Table of Contents with numbered pages? If yes, does the TOC count against page maximum.

A:  No.

Q:  Do tabs count against page maximum?

A:  Tabs are not required, so they would be included as part of the limit.

Q:  May project reference points of contact be included within the key personnel resumes or does RVCOG prefer they be listed separately?

A:  Yes they can be included in the resumes. However, the resumes are still limited to a maximum of 5 resumes limited to two pages each.

Q:  Is Cost Section information included within the ten (10) page maximum?

A:  Yes.

Q: According to my client’s working knowledge and confirmed by their EPA contact this morning, the “Community-Wide” grant limitations are $200,000 + $200,000 with a Maximum combined of $400,000.

The RFQ is requesting a lump sum cost to prepare a single U.S. EPA Community-Wide Assessment Grant in the amounts of $300,000 + $300,000 = $600,000 which, according to EPA Guidelines is a “Coalition” Option.

Please clarify apparent discrepancy.

A: The RFQ is to prepare a grant for the “Coalition” option for the full $600,000. We (RVCOG) are working on developing a coalition with Jackson County and the Cities of Central Point and Medford.



The Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Central Point, Oregon (RVCOG), through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), is seeking a qualified environmental consulting and/or planning firm to provide assistance with: (a) securing United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and potentially other federal or state grants for the assessment, cleanup, or redevelopment of brownfields properties within the potential coalition areas of Medford and Central Point Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB), and Jackson County’s White City Urban Containment Boundary (UCB), and (b) implementation of environmental assessment, remedial planning, community outreach, and other environmental or planning components of grants for which funding is secured. The initial focus for the contract will be securing a U.S. EPA assessment grant as part of the U.S. EPA's annual Brownfields Grant Competition, for which it is anticipated grant applications will be due on/or around December 9, 2015. This solicitation is being issued in part to comply with Federal procurement standards outlined in CFR §31.36 that are applicable to hiring of consulting firms to assist communities with grants awarded by the U.S. EPA.


The purpose of the U.S. EPA brownfields assessment grant is to conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs) at brownfield sites located within the potential coalition areas of Medford and Central Point Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB), and Jackson County’s White City Urban Containment Boundary (UCB). RVCOG is working with Central Point, Medford and Jackson County to form a coalition to address properties within their respective boundaries. The objectives of the project  may  expand at  a  later  date  to  include  actual  cleanup  of  individual  sites  targeted  for assessment, depending on the future availability of funding. The successful consultant will bring experience and insight to a partnership with RVCOG to obtain and implement these grants as well as explore other grants and brownfields initiatives as funds become available.


The number and location of brownfield sites within the potential coalition areas of Medford and Central Point Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB), and Jackson County’s White City Urban Containment Boundary (UCB) is presently undetermined, as well as the economic impact of these sites in depressing property values and hindering redevelopment of high priority areas. One outcome of the U.S. EPA assessment grants, if secured, will be to develop an inventory and other information related to these sites to allow for more effective planning by the potential coalition members in furthering their assessment, cleanup if necessary, and redevelopment.


To view the RFQ, please click here.


Proposal Submission: Proposals must be clearly labeled and mailed to:


Greg Stabach

Natural Resources Coordinator

155 N. 1st Street

P.O. Box 3275

Central Point, OR 97502


Information:  Questions should be directed to Greg Stabach, RVCOG (541) 423-1370 or click here to email Greg Stabach


Electronic proposals are encouraged.



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