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Drought Information Page

Drought Fact Sheets

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2014 Drought Summit Information

2014 Drought Public Open House

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 Drought Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet #1: What Is a Drought and How Will It Affect My Community?

Fact Sheet #2:  When We Have a Drought, Where Does the Water Go?

Fact Sheet #3:  What Happens to Water Quality During a Drought?

Fact Sheet #4:  How Do Industries Affect drought Planning?

Fact Sheet #5:  Agriculture and Community Drought Planning

Fact Sheet #6:  How Do Municipalities Affect Drought Planning?

Fact Sheet #7:  How Do Rural Developments Affect Drought Planning?

Fact Sheet #8:  Why Do Streams Go Dry?

Fact Sheet #9:  The effect of Population Growth on Drought

Fact Sheet #10:  How Does Runoff Affect Our Water Supply?

Fact Sheet #11:  The Need For a Drought Plan and How to Develop One

Fact Sheet #12:  How Do You Put on a Drought Education Forum?

Fact Sheet #13:  Drought Mitigation Toolbox

 Drought Links

City of Ashland Drought Page

Medford Water Commission Drought Page

Oregon Water Resources Department Drought Watch

2014 Drought Summit Information (held on April 10th, 2014)


A Drought Awareness Summit was held on April, 10th, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Rogue Valley Council of Government's Jefferson Conference Room in Central Point. The purpose of the Summit was to provide an opportunity for people who are influential in water resource management in the Rogue Basin to come together in an open setting and share critical water resource information in preparation for anticipated drought conditions. We have not held anything like this Summit for over 20 years.

Presentations (Adobe .pdf) and Panel Speakers List

Panel 1 - Water Supply

Army Corps of Engineers - Jim Buck

Bureau of Reclamation - Doug DeFlitch (Web link - teacup diagram)

NRCS Snow Pack - Rashawn Tama

Water Resources Department - Travis Kelly

Panel 2 - Water Providers

Medford Water Commission - Laura Hodnett

Talent Irrigation District - Bob Morris

Medford Irrigation District - Carol Bradford

City of Grants Pass - Jason Canady

City of Ashland - Julie Smitherman and Mike Faught

Panel 3 - General Issues and Concerns

Statewide Perspective - John Roberts

National Weather Service Future Outlook - Mike Stavish

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality - Heather Tugaw

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife - Dan Van Dyke

Harry and David - Matt Bormann

Rogue Valley Council of Governments - Greg Stabach

2014 Drought Public Open House (held on May 21st, 2014)

A drought Awareness Public Open House was held at the Medford Library's Community Meeting Room from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  At the open house, experts in water resources, fire, weather, emergency management, water conservation, and other areas were set up around the room.  The public was invited to visit the experts and ask questions about the drought.  A short sereis of presentations was held from 6:00 to 6:30 that focused on the statewide and regional perspectives of the drought, stream flow, snowpack, supply, and other concerns.  Following the overall picture, the City of Ashland and the Medford Water Commission provided an overview of supplies, plans for the drought, and water conservation resources available.  

Residents of Ashland, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Central Point, Gold Hill, Rogue River, Jackson County and Josephine County attended the workshop.  In addition, both Channel 12 and Channel 5 were at the open house covering the event.  Click here for a link to News Channel 12's story on the Open House.

Presentations from May 21st Drought Open House

Intro Slide and Partners

Statewide/Regional Perspective (John Roberts and Travis Kelly)

City of Ashland - Julie Smitherman

Medford Water Commission - Laura Hodnett

 Other Links and Information:


Attendee List

Executive Summary


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